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Our Mission

Our mission is to help food-sensitive clients rebuild their body and food trust and safely expand their diet.

This journey helps people find a balance where food and symptoms no longer dominate their lives.

Our Guiding Principles


The media and health industries are filled with sensationalized and conflicting misinformation about food sensitivities. We keep up with the latest research and give up-to-date guidance.

Empathy and Respect

We listen to your story and frustrations! Our understanding of difficult-to-treat symptoms comes from both personal and professional experience. Clients often say, "You get where I'm coming from."


We honour our clients' observations about how food affects their bodies, even if a physiological explanation does not currently exist. Scientific knowledge is constantly evolving, and an open mindset is essential.


Clients are the experts in their health. We aim to empower clients with the knowledge, skills and confidence for lifelong, meaningful change.

Individualized Support

Everyone has unique strengths and challenges. We work with clients to develop plans that meet their specific needs.


Wendy develops the online resources, and the Providers focus on delivering exceptional service. Our team shares client feedback to continuously improve the resources and our practices.


FAST Freedom Program Director, Founder, and Registered Dietitian

With a career spanning 30 years, I have had the privilege of working with and learning from hundreds of food-sensitive clients. Initially, my practice was focused on providing direction for restricted diets. Unfortunately, I felt unsettled because the restrictions often led to further sensitivities. Helping clients soften their food reactions and expand their diet was much more fulfilling – because it led to a lifelong, meaningful change in their health.

Hannah Hunter, MSc, Registered Dietitian

Research Advisor

Hannah is an allergy specialist dietitian at Guys Hospital in London, England. She provides direct client care and has led research related to food allergy. She hopes to pursue a PhD evaluating the FAST Freedom Program. Hannah has made valuable contributions to the C-FAS screening tool (learn more here) and program development.

Hannah is also a FAST Freedom Provider (learn more here).

Judy April, MAdED, Registered Dietitian

Education Advisor

Judy has been a Northern Health (British Columbia) registered dietitian for over 25 years. She recently completed a master’s degree in adult education and was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award (2020) from St. Francis Xavier University. Her work documented how people with food hypersensitivity learn to thrive. Her goal was to improve our collective understanding of food hypersensitivity and improve the lives of the many people suffering. Judy completed her research while I was developing the FAST Freedom Program. Our inspiring conversations shaped both projects. We presented our combined insights at the Dietitians of Canada Conference (2019). Her advice continues to guide the online resources.

And, most importantly, the exceptional providers who guide and support their clients through the FAST Freedom Program. Learn more here.