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Empower your clients to:

Provider Requirements

At this time, we are partnering with registered dietitians and institutions that include dietitians on their teams. Your primary practice must align with the FAST Freedom™ philosophy. You would not be a good fit if you promote or offer services that include:

We carefully select providers who have the following values :

What can a FAST Freedom™ Provider do?

The provider dashboard includes client worksheets, reflection questions, email templates, pre- and post-program questionnaires, a physician letter template, client communication tools, and more! The comprehensive training and resources will give you a thorough understanding of the protocol and a structure to follow for your client consults. Use these tools with your current client base and new referrals from the FAST Freedom™ Program website.

The program and protocols can be adapted to your practice. You can also incorporate the FAST Freedom™ resources into your client programs.

How is the FAST Freedom™ Program delivered?

Providers pay a yearly subscription fee and then give their clients unlimited access to our online resources. 

What training is provided?

Initial Training

The science of conditioned food avoidance & sensitivities.

How and when to use the FAST Freedom tools/strategies.

Suggested templates to build your practice.

Ongoing Support

Monthly case study discussion (group video conference)

Private forum with Wendy and the other dietitians to share insights and ask questions

Private email or phone mentoring with Wendy to discuss your complex cases

How to become a FAST Freedom™ Provider?

Complete the application form, and we will get back to you within twenty-four hours with more information. We can book a time to meet over video conferences to answer your questions and show you the online client resources.

Once you are accepted as a provider, the next steps are:

1. Sign a contract to formalize our partnership

2. Set-up your FAST Freedom Program™ sales page on your website (we provide compelling text, graphics and more).

3. Begin your training (approximately 20 hours).

4. Start using the program with your current client base and new clients from our website. 

In the meantime, here's what current and past providers are saying about the program!

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