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FAST Freedom is a licensed program to help food-sensitive clients rebuild food trust and expand their diet.

Program Benefits

Are you frustrated by the endless elimination diets you have started without finding any meaningful relief?

Do You Want to Break Free from the Food Avoidance & Sensitivity Trap?

When I think of food sensitivity, I think of people that are:

The FAST Freedom™ Program is the path you have been looking for.

Let’s separate your unnecessary restrictions from your true food intolerances. We’ve got the resources, protocols, support, and qualified providers that you need to break free from your conditioned food sensitivities.

Join us as we explain the unexplained, guiding food-sensitive clients through diet expansion.


FAST Freedom™ Program Director, Founder, and Registered Dietitian

With a career spanning 30 years, Wendy has had the privilege of working with and learning from hundreds of food-sensitive clients. Her passion is creating engaging online programs to help clients struggling with restricted eating rebuild their body and food trust and expand their diet. As an expert in food hypersensitivities, Wendy has spoken at many national conferences and has sat on the medical advisory committees of non-profit organizations.

Here's What You'll Get

The FAST Freedom™ Program is a three-phase, professionally-guided, self-reflection process.
You will learn to:

Separate your unnecessary food restrictions from your true food intolerances.

Expand your diet, safely.

Calm your food fears.

Relax and enjoy food-centered social occasions.

Ease the stress of grocery shopping, planning, and preparation.

Feel free and flexible around food.

Licensed Providers

Our clients’ success is a result of our exceptional providers who deliver the FAST Freedom™ Program

United States

Amy Slabaguh, Registered Dietitian

Practice area: Amy is based in California and she is able to provide services to clients in most states. Please let her know which state you are in when you reach out and she will confirm if she meets the licensing requirements for your state. 

Practice focus: Digestive Health, Intuitive Eating, Helping Clients Expand their Diet

About Amy
I am a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in intuitive eating and the dietary management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In my practice I love working with people to foster a positive relationship with food and learn to nourish their bodies in a way that promotes health. For those who are experiencing adverse reactions in response to food, my goal is to help you work toward minimizing your symptoms and improving your quality of life. Providing counseling for clients as they work through the FAST Freedom Program is a great way to do this.


Audrey Inouye, Registered Dietitian​

Practice area: Audrey is licensed to provide virtual services in several provinces across Canada including BC, Alberta, Ontario, the Maritimes (except PEI) and the Northwest Territories. 

Practice focus: Digestive health, Helping Clients Expand their Diet

About Audrey

Audrey is a digestive health dietitian who thrives on helping people who are food sensitive expand their diet and enjoy eating again. She has extensive experience with nutrition therapies such as the low FODMAP, low histamine, and low food chemical diets.  Her home is in Victoria where she lives with her family of five and cute puppy Pepper.

Become a Provider

Empower your clients to:

Provider Requirements

At this time, we are partnering with registered dietitians and institutions that include dietitians on their teams. Your primary practice must align with the FAST Freedom™ philosophy. You would not be a good fit if you promote or offer services that include:

We carefully select providers who have the following values :

What can a FAST Freedom™ Provider do?

The provider dashboard includes client worksheets, reflection questions, email templates, pre- and post-program questionnaires, a physician letter template, client communication tools, and more! The comprehensive training and resources will give you a thorough understanding of the protocol and a structure to follow for your client consults. Use these tools with your current client base and new referrals from the FAST Freedom™ Program website.

The program and protocols can be adapted to your practice. You can also incorporate the FAST Freedom™ resources into your client programs.

How is the FAST Freedom™ Program delivered?

Providers pay a yearly subscription fee and then give their clients unlimited access to our online resources. 

What training is provided?

Training and ongoing support are complementary for FAST Freedom™ providers.

Initial Training

The science of conditioned food sensitivities

Building rapport with clients that are suffering from medically unexplained symptoms

How and when to use the client tools

Ongoing Support

Monthly case study discussion (group video conference)

Private forum with Wendy and the other dietitians to share insights and ask questions

Private email or phone mentoring with Wendy to discuss your complex cases

How to become a FAST Freedom™ Provider?

Complete the application form, and we will get back to you within twenty-four hours with more information. We can book a time to meet over video conferences to answer your questions and show you the online client resources.

Once you are accepted as a provider, the next steps are:

1. Sign a contract to formalize our partnership

2. Set-up your FAST Freedom Program™ sales page on your website (we provide compelling text, graphics and more).

3. Begin your training (approximately 20 hours).

4. Start using the program with your current client base and new clients from our website. 

In the meantime, here's what current and past providers are saying about the program!

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