Build Up Dietitians – Facebook Live; January 2021 – General Audience

I hope that you can join me for a Facebook Live on Friday where we will talk about food sensitivity testing. The bottom line is that each company claims their test is the gold standard, but none of the companies have conducted research to provide evidence to support their claims. We will also talk about how FST can change your client’s perception of food and reduce their trust in their bodies. In summary, food suspicions and fears can lead to food becoming a danger signal – and the limbic system overreacting when the client eats or even thinks about that food – and this, I the long-run, create conditioned food sensitivity.


Frustrated by an endless cycle of elimination diets.


Hopeless that you will be on a restricted diet forever.


Scared to eat.


Angry that you cannot enjoy food like other people.


Alone because your restricted diet makes socializing difficult.


Exhausted because your life revolves around food.


Confused about what you should and should not eat.


Worried that you are not getting adequate nutrition.


FAST Freedom™ Director, Founder, and Registered Dietitian.

Over the last thirty years of my food sensitivity practice, clients have described a vicious cycle of restriction leading to additional sensitivity. I turned to the literature on Pavlovian behavioral conditioning to understand this vicious cycle, and naturally started calling these reactions Conditioned Food Sensitivity. I then created the Food Avoidance & Sensitivity Trap (FAST) flow chart to conceptualize this process.

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