Judy April

Thanks for enquiring about my services. I am offer the basic program (see the About Page) for $550 Canadian Dollars. Most health insurance companies include coverage for registered dietitians. 

Please contact me at Judy.April@shaw.ca.

I have been a Dietitian for 25 years working in Hospitals, Community, Home Care, Long Term Care and Diabetes Education.  I also live with food hypersensitivities. In my 20s I fell into the food avoidance & sensitivity trap. I thought, “If only I could figure out which foods were causing me problems, then I’d feel better.”  I am excited to be a coach with Wendy’s program because many of her strategies are things that helped me on my own journey to living well with food hypersensitivities.   

I recently competed my Master’s degree in Adult Education. My award-winning thesis: When the path falls away: Learning to live well with food hypersensitivities, documented people’s stories and provided them with a platform to voice their thoughts on how to improve care for this population. Being able to do this research allowed me to check something off my bucket list: contribute to our collective understanding of food hypersensitivity and improve the quality of life for so many people that are suffering. 

 I look forward to working with you as you go through the FAST Freedom program; to support you as you navigate your own path to wellbeing. 

Judy has been a Conditioned Food Sensitivity Podcast Guest for episodes: 

  • Episode 3: When the Path Falls Away: Living Well with Food Hypersensitivity
  • Episode 19: Regret and Shame with Potentially Unnecessary Restrictions (coming October 7, 2021)