My mission is to educate people about conditioned food hypersensitivity.

Our professional health community is focused on restricted food sensitivity dieting for treating almost every chronic health concern. This has led to rampant food fear within the public. Looking at food sensitivities from a mind-body perspective, helps us consider an alternative cause to this suffering. In my practice and research, I have coined the term conditioned food hypersensitivity to describe how worry and food avoidance can contribute to the never-ending cycle of despair. This message gives hope to those that are suffering and an alternative route to healing.

I am a national expert in food sensitivity nutrition care.  I can provide content for your website/social media through:

  • guest articles,
  • information for an article that you are writing,
  • video or podcast interviews,
  • or anything else you have in mind!


I look forward to working with you to spread a message of hope to those suffering with food sensitivities.