Professional Roundtable Discussions

Join Wendy for a lively videoconference discussion about a new topic each month. Dietitians and other health care professionals are welcome to attend. These events are a great way to share your insights, learn from others and network with colleagues.

Talk with Clients About Food Restrictions Without Creating Fear

Friday, April 9th, 9 – 10 AM MST

Food-restriction messages can intensify our clients’ body and food mistrust. How can we frame our recommendations to minimize this fear?

To Search or Not to Search: That is the Question

Friday, May 7th, 9 – 10 AM MST

Clients are often searching for an exact explanation for their symptoms. Searching can lead to helpful answers. However, it can also create distress and exacerbate their symptoms. How do we help clients search in a meaningful, productive way?

Getting Out of the Driver’s Seat

Friday, June 11th, 9 – 10 AM (MST)

Food sensitivity is a grey-zone of practice with very few definitive answers. Expecting yourself to have the right answers to fix your client’s food sensitivities can lead to professional dissatisfaction and burn-out. What strategies can help us let go of our unrealistic self-expectations?  

More Events Are Coming for September 2021!

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