Professional Continuing Education Webinars

The webinars have been designed as continuing education for registered dietitians, but they are open to anyone!  

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13 minutes

The Food Avoidance & Sensitivity Trap (FAST) is a model that I developed to conceptualize how worry (nocebo effect) and food avoidance lead to conditioned food hypersensitivity (a limbic system overreaction to food).  


  • Understand the FAST model and how it is driven by fear conditioning.
  • Identify clients that may be stuck in the FAST.
  • Compare physically-driven and conditioned reactions.
  • Recognize the destructive consequences of food fear.
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20 minutes

Food sensitivity clients are often frustrated by their futile search for a “safe diet” and are unaware that most of their suffering may be a result of being stuck in the FAST. Health professionals can help their clients break-free and end their restricted diet struggles. 


  • Engage clients in transformative discussions to help them recognize and let go of their destructive food beliefs.  
  • Encourage clients to think objectively about the restricted diet information they have been following.
  • Help clients recognize how food fear has trapped them in a never-ending restrictive diet cycle
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23 minutes

Food fear is rampant in our society and can devastate a person’s quality of life. Health professionals often contribute to this fear. We need to be aware of these risks and be mindful about minimizing them.


  • Reflect on the potential for your messages to exacerbate food fear.
  • Recognize when food restriction information/recommendations are likely to harm your client.
  • Help clients with restricted and elimination diets, responsibly.
  • Encourage health professionals that provide fearful food messages to consider the damaging effects of their practice.

The next webinar series will start in March 2021

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