Refund & Program Delay Policy

Refund Policy

RefundDays since you purchased the program# Appointments used
100%Within 15 days None
50%Within 15 days One
50%Within 30 daysNone
25%Within 15 days Both
25%Within 30 daysOne
20%Within 30 daysBoth

Other than the above, we will provide refunds under exceptional circumstances only.

Program Delay Policy

  • The program is for three months (12 weeks). Each new week starts on Monday.
  • We strongly encourage you to complete the program without taking a break.
  • However, please inform your coach if you need to delay the program. The most common reason is an unforeseen life event or medical change that makes it difficult to focus on the program.
  • There are no additional fees for program delays.  
  • You cannot exceed six weeks or more than two delay requests during the twelve-week program. If you exceed this, your participation in the program may be terminated without a refund.
  • Here’s an example of a two-week delay request during week 3 of the program.