Wendy Busse

MSc, RD - Program Director
Alberta, Canada

Over the last 25 years, I have had the privilege of working with and learning from hundreds of food sensitivity clients. My passion is creating engaging online programs to help clients that are struggling with restricted eating to make peace with food and expand their diet. 

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Hannah Hunter

MSc, RD - Research Consultant
London, England

Hannah is a specialist allergy dietitian at Guy’s Hospital, and her role is split between outpatient clinics and clinical research. Her research interests include peanut allergy, pollen food syndrome, eosinophilic oesophagitis and conditioned food sensitivity. She is also actively involved in educating health professionals about adverse reactions to food.


Judy April

British Columbia, Canada

As a dietitian, I partner with people and listen to hear what is important to them; the journey is different for everyone. I also have experience with my own food intolerance and understand the desire to feel better. It is possible.

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Tara Cornick

BSN (nutrition)
Newfoundland, Canada

With over 15 years as a dietitian and extensive knowledge in allergies, digestive disorders, and elimination diets, I am passionate about helping people expand their food intake safely and mindfully. I also live with food intolerances and allergies myself.

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