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Ep 43: Becoming Proactive when Feeling Helpless and Other Lessons from Gut Feelings: The Patient’s Story

May 4, 2023 | 37minutes

When patients do not have a diagnosis and concrete management plan for their symptoms, they typically feel helpless and out of control. Johannah Ruddy shares her story of working with Dr. Drossman to take charge of her health.

 Johannah Ruddy is a doctoral student in the School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences at Campbell University and her research is focused on the impact of stigma in chronic illness and gender based health care inequalities. She is also the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of the Rome Foundation. In addition to her professional experience, she is a digestive health patient and patient advocate.

Dr. Douglas Drossman is trained in both gastroenterology and psychiatry. He is professor emeritus of medicine and psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, President Emeritus and chief executive officer of the Rome Foundation and president of the center for education and practice of biopsychosocial care and DrossmanCare.

Dr. Drossman and Johannah have co-authored two books in their Gut Feelings Series: Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction and the Patient-Doctor Relationship and The Patient’s Story. Personal Accounts of the Illness Journey.

Ep 42: Getting Away from Labelling Food as Safe or Unsafe

March 2 2023, | 35 minutes

Language around food sensitivities is often black-and-white, and foods get labelled as “safe” or “unsafe.” Dédé Wilson and I will talk about the impact of this black-and-white approach. Softening your language can change your relationship with food and make space for freedom.


Dédé Wilson, co-founder of the low FODMAP resource website FODMAP Everyday®  is a Monash University trained and FODMAP Friendly Accredited FODMAP diet educator, who lives with irritable bowel syndrome herself. She is also a professional recipe developer and author of The Low FODMAP Diet Step-by-Step and devotes her time to helping others learn to THRIVE on the low FODMAP diet. She will help you learn how to become IBS symptom-free – while eating deliciously. You can connect with Dédé through the contact us box on the home page of FODMAP Everyday .