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Rebuild Food Trust

Conditioned food sensitivity is an unconsciously learned, physical reaction to food.

Here at FAST Freedom™ Program, we do things differently. We expand your diet rather than restrict it further. Support, learning opportunities and connection converge to give you the food freedom you’ve been seeking.

Conditioned Food Sensitivity can devastate your physical and mental health, making you feel:


Frustrated by an endless cycle of elimination diets.


Hopeless that you will be on a restricted diet forever.


Scared to eat.


Angry that you cannot enjoy food like other people.​


Alone because your restricted diet makes socializing difficult.​


Exhausted because your life revolves around food.


Confused about what you should and should not eat.


Worried that you are not getting adequate nutrition.


Conditioned food sensitivity is an unconsciously learned, physical reaction to food.

The Food Avoidance & Sensitivity Trap (FAST) is a flow chart that I created to explain how conditioned food sensitivities develop. The concepts are summarized in the simplified FAST. Click here for the complete FAST.

When you are stuck in the FAST:

Get ready to understand why you are stuck in the FAST

Download the eBook and FAST Self-Assessment to determine if you are caught in the Food Avoidance & Sensitivity Trap and if conditioned food sensitivity plays a significant role in your symptoms.


FAST Freedom™ Director, Founder, and Registered Dietitian

Over the last thirty years of my food sensitivity practice, clients have described a vicious cycle of restriction leading to additional sensitivity. I turned to the literature on Pavlovian behavioral conditioning to understand this vicious cycle, and naturally started calling these reactions Conditioned Food Sensitivity. I then created the Food Avoidance & Sensitivity Trap (FAST) flow chart to conceptualize this process.

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